“Make A Lot of Quick Money Unethically”

That is one phrase that no one ever types into Google. And apparently, the phrase “Make Money Ethically” is also something that nearly no one types into Google either. I did the keyword search, and it is do far in the mud that the google keyword tool doesn’t have enough data to calculate it.

In this article, I am not going to tell you to run your business ethically.

It is a stupid waste of your time and of mine to even bring it up.

Let’s be real here. When you start a new business, the assumption you’re going to make is that, of course you’re going to be ethical. Well DUH! Because if you aren’t ethical, then you’ll be out of business pretty quick because none of your customers will want to come back, and they’ll quickly spread the word to their friends to avoid you like a pariah.

Why do I even bring this up then? Because I run a business called Make Money God’s Way. When people here the words “God” and “Business” in the same sentence, the first thought that runs through their mind is “BORING!!!”

It would be BORING if I talked about uninteresting things like “being ethical.” I’d be bored too.

The second thought they get is that they’ll read about boring things like making money ethically.

Give me a break. If that is what you’d get out of it, then I ask you not to come to our website. And if you do come and want to post comments on our pages about ethics, then I beg you not to come.

I’m going to tell you about how to make money. Period.

Did you get that? — MAKE MONEY!

If you’re still reading this, I have to tell you that what you’ll find on making money “God’s Way” web site is NOT about some spiritual mumbo jumbo where you give all your money away like you would to a cult and then you get to call it back into your life. That crap angers me too when I hear it. I know a lot of preachers you see on TV will say that, but like you, I don’t believe it either.

What you’ll find is practical tips that you can put into practice right away that will make your business grow.

Let me give you an example so you know what to expect if you click on over to our place. When it comes to business, I’m a contrarian. I believe that if everyone is doing some business tactic, then it has already lost its effectiveness as a method of making money; therefore, I either have to ignore the fad, or do the exact opposite.

I’ve seen all the internet fads come and go, like waves on a beach. I’ve been doing business on the internet a long time, and I’ve seen and ignored fads like: FFA advertising sites, buying banner ads, hosting web forums, instant messaging, buying adwords, and posting on Twitter. Each was effective initially. But they quickly lost their effectiveness when everyone started doing it. I’m glad to say I ignored them, because I didn’t waste any time on them. I just kept plugging away at the methods of universal truisms that have withstood the test of time. And when I say “test of time,” I literally mean millennium.

There is a book that lays out specifically how to operate your business and your life in order to achieve financial security and real wealth that you and your family can enjoy in this lifetime. The book of course is the Bible. And while it has eternal blessings, the truisms it espouses about business, are meant to help you make money TODAY!

For example, in this ancient business book, you’ll find fundamental business principles that are laser-beam specific, like find good mentors, getting a good lawyer, where to invest your money, how to spot swindlers, where to find customers for your products, and how to get in front of whales (the big customer with really deep pockets).

This is zero B.S. business tactics. It contains ideas that you can implement today that will get you results tomorrow. And best yet, it is proven to work.

There is no obligation on your part to convert into a religious person. That is not the intent of our web site. As I mentioned previously, it is primarily about making money. Because this book is so controversial, we’ll only pull out those parts that specifically deal with making wealth. And the strategies work for anyone, whatever you’re a spiritual person or not.

Finally, I get nothing out of it, because I have other businesses where I make my living. I’m sharing these business success strategies free of charge because I’m tired of people saying this book is irrelevant in today’s world.

It is more applicable in today’s business world than ever. This book not only gives hope for people in a troubled economy, but it is the chief wealth-building guidebook of many the greatest business men in American history. If it scares you to admit you learned this from a book that is 4000 years old, you really don’t have to admit it to your colleagues. No one has to know.

Go to the web site www.MakeMoneyGodsWay.com now and see for yourself the money making strategies that are found in this ancient book. You won’t get any condemnation, no religious theology, no voodoo or mystical mumbo-jumbo; just time-tested tactics that yield wealth-building results.

About the Author: Tim Van Milligan believes in simple, pragmatic strategies and tactics for getting the desires of ones heart. No mumbo jumbo. Just exploitable wisdom that can be put quickly into practice to yield outstanding results. His philosophy comes through loud and clear at his web site: Make Money God’s Way, http://MakeMoneyGodsWay.com

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