Be Fruitful. That was the very first phrase from God to mankind in the bible (see Genesis 1:28). As we discussed previously, it was not a suggestion, it was a command. You MUST be fruitful.

But what does it mean to be fruitful?

When I think of the word fruitful, the first thing that comes to my mind is the apple tree in my yard. We’ve only lived in the house a few years, but so far, every growing season it has yielded a nice crop of juicy apples. A little on the tart side for my kids, but perfectly edible.

That apple tree is fruitful. Not only are there enough apples for me and my family to enjoy, but we give away a lot of the fruit to our neighbors too. On top of that, I’d say a good half of the crop is eaten by birds and squirrels. The birds and the squirrels never eat the full apples, they only eat a few bites and leave the majority of the core on the tree. No one will touch those apples, so they hang there until they eventually drop in late autumn. And when they fall from the tree, those apples become food for rabbits and finally the worms.

As you can see from this little example, that apple tree provides a lot of benefit to others (me and the kids, my neighbors, birds, squirrels, rabbits, and worms). The tree solves a problem for a lot of people – by providing food mostly, but also providing cool shade, and beautifying my landscape.

That is what I believe God wants us to be to others around us. We are supposed to be like the apple tree. We are supposed to produce fruit for the benefit of those around us.

As you consider making money in your business, are you doing it to help others? Are you taking care of their needs and their desires?

After all, I believe that this is the ideal way that God wants you to make money. People in general are important (make that VERY important) to God; so anything you do good for others is pleasing to him.

Even if you don’t believe in a god, you can’t go wrong in business if you take care of the needs and desires of customers by solving their problems. The added advantage is that you silence all the critics that say you’re doing it because you’re greedy. After all, how can they say you are greedy when you are genuinely helping others?

The good part is that when you solve problems for others, they will solve problems for you too. You believe that, don’t you? I’m sure you’ve heard the Zig Ziglar quote that goes something like: “You can have anything in life you want, as long as you help enough people to get what they want.”

Let’s go back to the example of the apple tree. The benefit for the tree is that I — the consumer of the fruit — take care of it. For example, in the winter, I remove all the dead wood where parasites can get in to attack the tree, I then prune the branches of the tree so that it can support the weight of its next crop, and I fertilize it so that it remains healthy and will enjoy a long life. In the summer time, when a period of drought comes along, which is the first tree that gets watered by my garden hose? You guessed it, the fruitful tree.

There is a reward for you in solving other people’s problems. And I can almost guarantee you that it will be a financial reward. I hope that you can live with that, right?

Make Money Tip #2: Look for problems to solve for others. It is God’s answer to the question on “how to make money?” that you may be contemplating for your business.

Questions of the day: How are you being fruitful? How are you solving problems for others?

Something to think about: What is God’s view of unfruitful trees? See Matthew 21: 18-19.

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21 Responses to “Be Fruitful”

  1. Really is something to think about!

  2. I actually think this is sort of the bedrock for this course – helping others to help yourself. I liked the diamond star bit. Where have I seen that before…? =-)

    I also realized that in a sort of twisted way, our projects are related. You are focusing on Making Money, and mine is all about Saving Money or not Spending Money. Great minds think alike?


  3. Shane says:

    I heard a wealthy man once say, “My God is a God of multiplication, not addition,” and then went on to show example after example of principles taught in the Bible about multiplying efforts, blessings and yes… even your income. It’s an interesting perspective on those ancient verses.


  4. I’m really finding your posts to be great food for thought!

    This is definitely a site I’m going to recommend to some of my friends to read.

    Sadly, I know a few who truly believe that they shouldn’t profit from their work & thus are unable to help as many people as they might had they been more inclined to be fruitful.



  5. Tim,

    When I was reading about sharing your apples, that Zig Ziglar quote came to mind. And it is so true!

    Sabrina Peterson
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  6. Jose Escalante says:

    If you have something great share it with as many people as possible.

    Jose Escalante

  7. Nice metaphor with the apple tree. I want an apple tree in my yard. First of all, apple blossoms are so pretty. Second, I love apples and so do my family. Next, I know I shouldn’t try to attract deer because of the high number of Lyme disease cases around here, but they are so beautiful, I love to look at them.

    Lisa McLellan
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  8. Mike Casey says:

    This really gets you thinking. Great stuff! I cant wait to see what you have in store for everyone.

    Mike Casey

  9. Rob Northrup says:

    Very interesting perpective on wealth creation.

    Fruitful also implies the societal value of having children to share the labor with and to provide for us in our old age. This is something that the relatively childless societies of Western Europe and Japan are facing right now as a demographic time bomb…

    Seize the Day,

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  10. Sonya Lenzo says:

    When Mark Victor Hanson (of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame) spoke at Kevin’s Boot Camp 2 years ago, he told us that the reason we should want to get rich is that so we could accomplish something wonderful for other people…and then he talked about what he was doing to end illiteracy. He was very inspiring.

  11. Hi Tim,

    I do rather love that command whenever I revert back to unhealthy unconscious imprinting about earning money. Be fruitful, indeed!

    Happy Good Friday

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

    Dating Expert and Online Dating Coach

  12. As you said it’s a great message regardless of what you believe.
    Be genuine in what you do and see how you solve someone’s problem. Then it works out for everyone.

    Jennifer Battaglino

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  13. Mike Norris says:

    One of the reasons for making money is to give back. It makes you feel really good to help someone in need.

    Mike Norris

  14. The first thing I think about when I hear “be fruitful” is procreating, but I’m probably misinterpreting it. I do beleive however God wants us to have abundance.

    Steve Chambers
    Body Language Specialist

  15. Mark says:

    Also consider, most fruits contain seeds that have the potential of creating multiples of itself once the it dies.

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  16. Great definition regarding the fruitfullness. I am going to have to think about this a while but I like the perspective.

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  17. Interesting post! Yes, fruitfulness basically involves that godly attitude and action of self-giving so that others may have life

    and as Paul reminds us the Spirit gives us gifts and charisms so that we can build up the community, share what we have with others…

    Eileen O’Neill
    Using Social Media in ESL/EFL/ESOL

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  20. Bruno Hegre says:

    I’m impressed! It’s nice to see someone very passionate about what they do. Trust all your future posts turn out as well. Thanks!

  21. […] Everyone around you has “doubts.” And these doubts manifest themselves as “fear”. For example, people doubt that they have the ability to accomplish a certain task, so they fear being put in a situation where they are called upon to do that task. They look to someone – anyone – that can help them conquer those doubts. They’ll pay almost any price. And that is where YOU come in. If you help them, you’re not only going to enrich yourself, but you’re completing the task of being fruitful that God commanded you to do. […]