This morning I wrote a pretty long article for my good friend April Braswell. I wanted to show how much useful information could be gleaned from a short story out of the Bible. In the case of the article I wrote for April’s web site, called: Landing Mr. Rich: Dating Tips From The Original Millionaire Match Maker, I pulled out 12 practical ideas about how to land a Millionaire for a spouse. I called theses things “Exploitable Wisdoms.” It is exploitable, because they are things that you can do immediately and see results in a relatively short time. Their “wisdoms” because they are smart ideas that make a difference.

I personally pull the Exploitable Wisdoms out of the Bible, but the concept can be done with nearly any book. I know there is always a trend to pull useful things out of the Nostrodamous prophecies, since I keep seeing the TV shows on the History Channel. That’s fine with me. The great internet marketer, Joe Vitale gets a lot of Exploitable Wisdoms from his hero, P.T. Barnum. If you ever get a chance, read his book: “There’s a Customer Born Every Minute: P.T. Barnum’s Secrets to Business Success.”

Exploiting People?

I also had a weird email today from someone that calls himself an apostolate. From his email, he is anti-religion, and proud of it. The email came because he wants to ridicule me for writing this blog and he thinks I’m exploiting religious people for personal gain.

He’s half right, and half wrong. I am doing this website for personal gain.

Where he is wrong is that I’m not exploiting religious people. On the contrary, it is my goal to help ALL people to become wealthy, whether they are religious or not. I personally feel that religious people are at a disadvantage in today’s business world because of the pressure they feel from people laying a lot of guilt on them. For some reason, the words “profit” and “Christian” are supposed to be diametrically opposed. But that isn’t what I read from the bible.

As I have been posting about so far, I believe that wealth and profits comes from helping people. In a previous post, I called this “being fruitful.”

So if I’m not providing useful information that helps you or any other visitor to this site, I fully expect you to take your business to someone else that will give you what you need to be successful. This is exactly how I run my other business. It can best be described as providing more value than what you charge someone.

In addition, I strongly believe that the information I will be providing here is stuff that you’ll be proud to tell to at the next meeting of your local networking group, such as the chamber of commerce. You won’t be laughed at, I can guarantee that. Because when you say it, they’ll have no clue that the information didn’t come out of the handbook of the small business development agency. It is practical stuff, not spiritual mumbo jumbo.

But if you’re a religious person, there is something special about hearing something that is practical that originates in the Bible. It is a lot easier to put it into practice. And to be successful in business, you do need to put a lot of ideas into practice.

So to get an idea of where I’m going with this web site, just run on over to April’s site and read the article. If that article is not down-to-earth exploitable wisdom that you can use, I don’t know what would be.

I can’t wait to really get into the meat and potatoes of the information in the bible. It has some phenomenal business tips to help you make money.

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15 Responses to “Exploitable Wisdoms”

  1. Mark says:

    Very professional and objective approach towards handling an opposing view. Well said. I’m going check out your article on April’s site… like your style! Keep it up!

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  2. alam ghafoor says:

    Unfortunately in the world we live in people think they are so smart ridiculing religious beliefs and telling you off for ” forcing your beliefs down their throats”….you handled it usual reply is ” a wise man learns more from a fools question than a fool learns from a wisemans reply ” that usually stumps them.

  3. Dale Bell says:

    Tim, Such a great attitude there are so many people with all kinds of opossing ideas, we do not need to sell to all of them. Using the bible as a business guide? Why not? Things that we are taught from other books how many of them are Bible based. Keep it up.

  4. Tim,

    You make a good point. You’re not trying to exploit people. I don’t understand the mentality that if you’re making a lot of money (in an honest way even!), many will think you must be doing something underhanded to get ahead. This happens in all circles, not just with religious people.

    Sabrina Peterson
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  5. Dating tips from the Bible, huh? I am intrigued, and will have to check that out.

    Isn’t what the guy who emailed you did sort of what he claims you are doing? He is forcing his beliefs on you. I find it strange that people actively try to convince you that religion is bad. What is the point, exactly? If you don’t believe in it, then you don’t believe. What do you gain from convincing other people of it? Sort of like an Evangelistic Atheist?

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  6. Exploitable Wisdoms! – I must follow your links to read your article. Very interesting post!

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  7. Sonya Lenzo says:

    What would possess someone to come to your website and criticize you for exploitng anyone for gain? Isn’t it sort of a given that that is what websites are for (perhaps that is a tad tongue in cheek, but really? Duh!)
    Loved your article on April’s site…
    You are an intriguing may be a bit polarizing but that’s a good thing!
    Sonya M Lenzo

  8. Boy, that Bible sure has some tips that I’ve never heard of! I need to read it again!

  9. Very professional approach. In a way, I’m happy this gentleman exists to act as a catalyst for getting your word out. I hope he reads your response and is open to it as well. If not then i am sure you are prepared for whatever comes your way!
    Great job
    Jen B
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  10. Mike Norris says:

    You are providing great information. Keep up the great work.

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  11. If you are getting controversial emails, think of the people you are reaching that your message is not controversial.

    Good job.

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  12. Some people like to incite the crowd, while some work on teaching. Thanks for working on the teaching.
    Scott Sylvan Bell
    Now go implement!

  13. The problem with religion is that it polarizes people and people who object to hearing thing from a religious or spiritual perspective are cutting themselves off froma great source of wisdom and solace and success principles.

    When I get letters, comments and e-mails from people liek that I simply say “screw ’em”, they don’t have to read it.

    Steve Chambers
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  14. Rob Northrup says:

    Religion is one of those topics that people like to make fun of. It often makes itself an easy target and it relies on faith rather than proof so you will always have hecklers.

    I personally believe in a creator, not so sure if he is involved with any particular organized religion.

    Seize the Day,

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  15. Austin says:

    Given that it says “Be Fruitful” and fruit is often called produce, Can “Be Productive” be said instead without the quote losing meaning?