A few days ago, my daughter was watching a spotlight interview with the young Disney singer/actress Miley Cyrus. I just caught the tail end of the interview out of the corner of my ear. The interviewer asked Miley how she makes decisions. Her answer was along the lines of: “The first choice is usually the one I go with.”

Now maybe the interview was staged, at least I hope it was. I would hate to believe that this is actually how she thinks. You know as well as I do, that this would be a disaster just waiting to happen.

We’re talking about wisdom today, because key to gospel prosperity is not to work harder, it is getting wisdom. You’ve heard the phrase, “work smarter, not harder” right? That is wisdom.

One way to think of wisdom is the ability to plan ahead. That makes sense, correct? You want to make decision on “what likely outcome will yield the best results.” That is why the Miley Cyrus interview about how she makes decisions is relevant. You can’t make choices based on which option was offered first, or how you feel about a person, place, or subject. That is very often how poor decisions are made.

If you want to make good decisions, you have to have the ability to think ahead, and determine what the outcome will be.

The Consequences Of Bad Decisions

The opposite of a good decision is that you’re going to eventually experience a lot of pain. Maybe you ignored paying your taxes? That was a daily decision you made last year, and now you’re going to experience the pain of getting a hefty fine from the IRS, in addition to paying your taxes. Today is April 15th, and you did remember to pay your taxes, didn’t you?

Do you think God wants you to experience pain? I don’t either. That is why a big part of the gospel prosperity plan is for you to get wisdom. He wants you to make smart decisions so you avoid painful experiences.

The book of Proverbs in the Bible gives us a lot of little snippets of information on how to avoid pain. Here’s one:

Do not make friends with a hot-tempered man,
do not associate with one easily angered,
or you may learn his ways
and get yourself ensnared.
Proverbs 22:24-25 (NIV)

Basically, the choices you make in friends are a big part of how much money you’re going to make in your life. If you do make a decision to be friends with someone that gets angry often, you’re going to pick up their bad habits. And you’ll get angry a lot too. Then what will happen?

For today’s question, please comment on what will happen to your income if you get angry a lot. Please provide examples of people you know in your life that suffered the consequences of poor choices of friends.

If you know someone that has problems making good decisions, I would strongly recommend that you tell them to take a course in decision making. Kevin Hogan, a master mentor that helps people to make good decisions is offering a course beginning soon. It would be a great class to get you on the right foundation for your future. Please click here to learn more about this class and to sign up today.

Of course, you could ignore this suggestion. And you probably will. But I promise that your life isn’t going to get better if you take no action at all. Ever hear of the law of Entropy? Things never get better by themselves. You are the one that has to take action, because even God won’t do it for you.

Photo Credit by Philip Nelson

Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 Biblica. Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved.

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23 Responses to “Gospel Prosperity – Get Wisdom Equals Get Money”

  1. Rob Northrup says:

    Did she they “first choice” or the one that sounded the best to her when choices were first presented?

    I will on many decisions, evaluate the choices quickly and make the decision then and there which appears to be best. For under $50 buying decisions for example, I have given myself permission to always spend up to this amount without detailed analysis. My time is worth more than the time spent thinking for an hour about something trivial.

    For larger decisions, you need a framework, I recommend Kevin’s DecisionPoint program as a great e-course on this very subject.

    Seize the Day,

    Simple Family Survival Tips For Disasters and Emergencies

  2. Shane Kester says:

    A lot of decisions are based on feelings alone, but feelings tend to point inward and are usually very self centered, self serving and destructive. Hurt feelings don’t usually think about fairness, responsibility or what is right and when we make decisions based on solely on them it can only be disastrous.

    Shane Kester
    Hypnosis Can Change Your Life

  3. Sonya Lenzo says:

    When we make decisions from a state of anger, we are usually bring up a lot of “old stuff” that is interfering with a good decision and influencing us negatively in the here and now. While Kevinss course on Decision Making is great and I am glad to see you recommending it, I also think that his tape series, Life Sorms, call help someone if they are always making decisions from a point of anger and then regreting the result!
    you can get that series at his
    website http://www.kevinhogan.com
    Sonya M Lenzo

  4. Who you hang with and what you read does a lot to shape your choices.

    Robert Kaufer
    Law and Health with Robert Kaufer

  5. Mark says:

    Anger can lead to saying things that can damage egos, relationships and trust. Additionally, one bad decision I have seen (and experienced) is trying to help someone out of a situation without changing their habit that put them there in the first place.
    Couple examples…
    One friend of mine decided to bail her 21 year old daughter out by co-signing on a new car… the car was repossessed and the mother is still making payments.
    Another friend just found out his sister “only did it once” with a guy she barely knows… she is now pregnant and single.

    Direct Selling Advice, Tips, Skills & Techniques

  6. I can’t pass judgement on her answer. Many times I wish I stuck to my first choice. Did she mean the first choice presented to her or her first choice? Those are two different things. I love Miley Cyrus. I know I’m a little old for her music but I was dancing up a storm to “Party in the USA” at my neice’s wedding!

    Lisa McLellan
    Babysitting Services, Nanny Services, and Nanny agencies

  7. Bryan says:

    The first thing that comes to mind is rarely the best…you need to think things through..I will look into that course..Thanks!

  8. Mike Norris says:

    I tend to think a lot of times the first answer you come with is the one you need to go with. Of course if you have time to weigh the positives and negatives and make an educated decision thats good to.


  9. Peggy Larson says:

    I disagree a bit because I think there are times when your first choice or decision is the correct one to go with. Sometimes you just “know” what’s right for you. Other times, you don’t. Of course for big life decisions, one should get some wisdom before choosing.

    Peggy Larson

  10. I don’t know if getting angry would affect my finances too much, unless I was mad enough to get fired or fined. It does affect my relationships, though. I have a terrible temper, which I keep tightly reined in most of the time; but when it explodes – watch out!
    There are times when your first answer is the best, but on big things, I usually mull it over quite a while, to make sure I really want to make the decision I am thinking about.

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  11. Wisdom often comes out of the hard lessons we learn when we make mistakes. It should be used to help us with our decisions for moeny and all other things.

    Steve Chambers
    Body Language Expert

  12. For some people who never make decisions this idea may seem like the better way. Over time people learn how to make better decisions or they are supposed to. It can be damaging on some things to be so fast, but in many instances it is better to do something than to do nothing.
    Scott Sylvan Bell
    Now go implement!

  13. Making a decision with out analyzing the facts is a mistake.

    David Escalante
    San Rafael Roofing

  14. Hi Tim,

    What do you think though when you have been feeding your brain already with The Bible a lot, hence, training your brain for sage decisions, and THEN going with your gut because your brain is well trained?

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

    Cyber Dating Expert and Online Dating Coach

  15. alam ghafoor says:

    Tim …angry people make me angry…..if you take a moment to actually stop and think about your life and what is happening..you will realise you are better than 95% of the rest of the world….experience comes from falling over a log …wisdom is seeing that and learning not to do it…


  16. I have to many clients seeing me for therapy because of impulse control issues, when they go with the first decision, or their gut…Then there is so much regret and wondering why they could steer themselves wrong.
    It takes discipine, which I could definitely use a good dose of myself, to take the time to make the best decision possible.

    Jen B
    The Harwood Group – Tinnitus, Chronic Illness, Fears, and Anxiety

  17. I wonder if she meant her first gut feeling is what she goes with?

    A co-worker of mine just finished touring with her for 2 months
    and said she’s the most well-adjusted, grounded teenager he’s ever met. Said she seems to take all this fame stuff in stride & not take herself too seriously.

    As far as anger…have learned through plenty of my own mistakes, especially when I was younger, that anger usually results in plenty of poor decisions being made.

    The Success Secrets

  18. I don’t equate anger and gut feeling decisions – but that could be after years in the school of hard knocks, I’ve learned when and how to trust my gut feeling/reaction and how it can affect decision making.

    But thanks for bringing up this point. It’s always important for us to reflect on how and why we make the decisions we do.

    Eileen O’Neill
    ESL Lesson Plan: 3 Steps In Using A YouTube Video

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  21. Austin says:

    I’ve been living with a man who has been hot-headed (Not all the time, but to some degree at least) through my whole life: My own father. Will he ever learn? Today I made a mistake; The old drain-cock broke off inside a car radiator. My Father was being trajectory of evil in deed in my eyes since he was hot-headed about it, going so far as to eventually tell me I could shove the radiator up my ass. (Never get him involved with working on automobiles, unless it’s evident he has changed his ways.) Knowing him and that he has told me “I don’t like to spend money” (Unless he’s giving money to me, I think since he’s given me a great amount of it) I think he would’ve refused to or at least been slow in allowing me to buy another radiator with the money he gave me, However that money was in funding for a house but at the same time according to the Bible it isn’t good to just let money sit around gathering dust and becoming worth less and less as it sits. (I talked to him about this money-devaluing situation on an earlier date but he didn’t follow.) So, What was he doing with the old radiator? He was trying to get what broke off out, and I was doing that earlier but it didn’t work. When that didn’t work for him he sawed off part of the radiator and later told me to put a cork in it and clamp it and hope I don’t have a break-down. (Seriously? That’s like putting a carpet over a hole in the floor; Watch out or you may fall in!) He has been adamant of absolutely hating working on automobiles to points of violent loud outbursts (Unless I’m doing it and am successful at it) and at one point he was telling (Yelling) at me that he was going to junk a van when it started knocking. The only issue was a fuel injector which I put it on and the van has been working without that issue since then.

    In short, Listen to Proverbs 22:24-25. And if you’re around a man who is like that, do as well as you can to not walk on his eggshells/landmines.

    … Man oh man, I know the Bible says not to judge, but I’m still not sure I fully understand that given Matthew Chapter 7, Help please? I think it means don’t judge harshly, don’t judge someone who is better off than you are and I’m not doing that; Some of what he has been doing to me (If you can consider it a thing, or would it be better to call it a no-thing since it’s so bad?) is **NOT** good. I could go on but you get the picture; I need help and the more I admit it the better off I am.

  22. Austin says:

    Also, I realize this article is some years old but Miley Cyrus is looking more and more like a whore hell-hound as time goes on, if she continues doing that drivel. Do I even need to comment on her? Actions she’s made are like rotting meat compared to the salt of the earth! “DUR, I’M MAKING MONEY. DUR.” (More like raping it! Miley Cyrus, If you’re reading this you better wake up if you’re asleep!)

    Wait a minute, Is she paid by Disney to play the whore? If so, there goes respect I had for the company. I’ve also heard that racists worked there, but is that true?

  23. Austin says:

    The more I go on in truth (despite opposition) the more I see.