I’m beginning this web site because I’m tired of people around me being poor.  I am not the answer to their financial situation. I am not here to hand out money.

I’m here to give you some hope. There is a book that has a lot of answers to your fundamental question: “How can I make Money in an ethical way, and that is quick?” That book of course is the Bible.

Now I’m not a biblical scholar. I’m just a normal person that has gone through all the same crap that you have. What you see on this site is what I’ve found to be helpful in making money.

So come back tomorrow (book mark this page), and we’ll have a tip for you that may help you on your way to financial success.

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4 Responses to “Hello World”

  1. Hi,

    The title of your site caught my attention and so I dropped by to see what it is all about – especially since there is the sayin: “Money is the root of all evil!”

    So I’ll check out what you have to say….

    yours in Using Social Media,

    Eileen O’Neill

    • Austin says:

      The quote doesn’t say money itself is the root of all evil, it says “The Love of money is a source of many evils.” or that’s how I read it, And I need correction.

      What is the road of no evil?

  2. Hello,

    I agree with Eileen. The title of your website instantly caught my eye as well as my curiosity.

    I look forward to hearing more of what you have to share.

    Yours In Health!

    Dr. Wendy

  3. Hui Hui says:


    The title is interesting!looking forward to hearing more from you.

    Hui Hui