Don’t you get upset when someone is going to tell you secret marketing information, and the “secret” is commonly known stuff that is just “repackaged?”

You were promised that it was supposed to be brand new, but it was rehashed garbage that you read in a book five years ago. How do you feel about that? Taken advantaged of? Me too.

I recently signed up for a free autoresponder series that would send me 5 copywriting secrets that were guaranteed to make my sales jump 50%. The first little-known secret was to: “solve a problem.”

You’re thinking the same thought as I did. That was the big secret? Come On!! If that is a secret, I wonder what kinds of idiots that person was selling their copywriting course to. Really, are they that dumb that they don’t known about solving a problem? After all, solving a problem is the first command of business. It isn’t optional. It is a command, as I talked about when I started this blog.

When someone is going to tell me a secret, I want it to be something that I didn’t know before. And when I tell someone a secret, my own integrity says that what I’m telling the other person really and truly must be a secret.

There is nothing wrong with selling or giving out solid business advice, but calling it a “secret” is on the verge of stupidity. Why? Because if the receiver of the information doesn’t consider it a secret, then you’ve just lost a lot of credibility and trust. The simple result is they just lost a potential sale. In the case of the marketer that told me the first copywriting secret is to “promise to solve a problem,” well, they just lost a sale for the rest of their copywriting course. I’m not buying.

When you want to sell to me, you better be careful with your claims. The reason is that I value integrity at a really high level. And I’m not alone. People that share my personality type also have this value. That means that these people probably won’t buy that copywriting course either.

The Real Marketing Information Secret!

Here is the real secret of converting prospects into customers: You have to know their values, and you have to have similar values too.

In other words, it isn’t enough to know customer demographics, like their gender, their age, or their zip code. It also isn’t enough to know what their hobbies are, whether they like football or bowling. You have to know their “values.” And when your values align with theirs, you have instant trust. When you establish “complete” trust, making the sale becomes pretty trivial.

This is why it is so easy to sell to family and friends. You have similar values, even though you may not have similar hobbies.

This shouldn’t be a secret, but somehow none of my business colleagues know about it. Again, the secret is: “that sharing values is the quickest way to build trust, and that determines if you are going to close the sale today.” PERIOD!

I’m sure you know your own values, and what you hold dear in your own life. But do you know those of your customers and prospects? Do you even know how to find out what they are? I’m guessing you’re hesitating on answering those two questions. Try doing an internet search, and you’ll find nothing on determining what a prospect values and holds dear to their heart. So in that way, what I’m offering to tell you, really is a secret.

Do You Know Your Prospects Values?

How would you like to know your customers values? How would you like to be able to determine them within seconds of meeting them? Imagine how much of an advantage that would be in a selling situation. How much time would you save? And what would you do with that extra time?

What if you could do the same thing on the internet with your sales copy? How would that improve the conversion rate of your site? And again, what would that mean for you personally?

If you are curious if this is really true and possible, and you could read a person’s values like you could read their thoughts through body language, then come on over to Download the no-hype, absolutely free report that describes this new way of marketing and selling. There is no obligation. You won’t even have to sign up for anything by divulging your email address.

I created this no-hype report for people that are tired of being let down by those “secret” tactics reports that aren’t really secret tactics. You’ll find this to be 100% distilled and concentrated information that you can use today and see immediate results.

This report is the first part of my new product that teaches you to read a person’s values by looking at their past behavior and by hearing what they say. It isn’t nearly as hard as trying to learn how to read body language. Why? Because there are just a few key things you need to be aware of when reading a person for their values. They really do stand out like a large strobe light on the top of a tall building.

Once you know their values, you can let them know you have similar values. But you don’t just blurt it out, like saying “I love football too.” You do it more subtly. For instance, you might ask them a question that implies that you are bothered by people that don’t have this particular value. In my case, you might ask me: “Tim, are you bothered like me, by people that say they are going to tell you a secret, and then you find out that the marketing secret is really something that you read in a book 5 years ago?”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

I asked you that question at the beginning of this article, didn’t I?

I told you that was one of my values, and I know (positively and with 100% certainty) that it is one of yours too. Otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far into the article. And I’ve just proved that you can find out values of customers over the internet too! Did you pick up on that? By reading this far, you have the exact same value in integrity that I do.

That is how the personality marketing system works. We establish trust with each other by sharing our values with each other. Once we have “complete” trust, then getting the sale is pretty much assured.

Trust vs “Complete Trust”

Do we (meaning: “you and I”) have complete trust yet? Probably not. But we share at least one value. And I told you how I arrived at that conclusion (I taught you a new tactic that you can use right now). But even so, right now you might feel a little manipulated. When you feel manipulated, you lose trust, and you lose a sale.

But, I think that after you’ve had a chance to let this percolate in your mind for some time, you will eventually come to an interesting conclusion. That will be: “Maybe there is something to this Personality Marketing system? After all, he was able to find out with 100% certainty one of my values. Maybe I can use this same system in my business too. Maybe I can learn the values of my customers, and establish a higher level of trust with them? And if I can do that, I bet my sales would shoot up.”

Go to Learn more about this new marketing system that allows you to quickly discern the values of your prospects, so that you can lead them to the “buy now” button on your web site, or in your retail business.


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