What does logistics have to do with making money? Everything. That is why the people with the SJ temperament as defined by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) have a knack for running business and making money.

In his book “Please Understand Me II,” David Keirsey says that people with the SJ temperament have an aptitude for logistics. But he doesn’t explain well how this leads to them wanting to be in business.

Keirsey describes logistics as “the procurement, distribution, service, and replacement of material goods.” Guardians, as he calls people like you and me that have the S and the J traits in our personality, “can be enormously creative in seeing to it that the right personnel have the right supplies in the right place at the right time to get the job done.” I can agree with this whole-heartedly.

Logistics Sounds So BORING!!!

But of all the things to be good at, the first time I heard that I had a logistical aptitude, I was a bit depressed. Does that mean I’d make a good truck driver or I should run a courier service? How boring would that be?

What Keirsey didn’t get around to swaying is that logistics is more than just moving “stuff” around. A “resource” can be anything. I wish he would have called it “Resource Allocation” rather than “logistics.”

Resource allocation is how I see this trait that is at the core of the SJ personality temperament.

You’re Free Today Because of Logistics

On of the most famous people with the SJ temperament was President George Washington. When he was a General during the Revolutionary War, his skills in resource allocation were absolutely brilliant.

In August of 1776, outnumbered two-to-one, Washington’s troops were surrounded by the British in Brooklyn, New York. Total defeat and the end of the war were inevitable. But in a daring feat of logistics, Washington evacuated his entire army, along with all of their supplies out of New York in the pitch-black of night and under the cover of thick fog and heavy rain. Not one man was lost during the evacuation. It was called a miraculous escape, and the war for independence was able to continue.

Resource allocation is not just about “stuff.” It also involves people too, since people are a resource too. That’s why every big company has a “Human Resources” manager.

My personal feeling, is that SJ people have an uncanny ability to spot a lack of resources in the situations where they enter. It may be a lack of money, a lack of manpower, having the wrong person on the job, or even a lack of information (knowledge). This ability explains a lot of the quirky traits that others observe in the 40% of the population that do have the SJ temperament.

Honoring Traditions: A Quirky Trait That Results From Logistics

For example, most people observe that the SJ’s are overly concerned with traditions of the past, and heritage. Wouldn’t you say this it true?

To me, that observation makes perfect sense from the standpoint of logistics.

What are traditions? They are those things that were started in the past and continue to the present. It is a “bridge” to the past (notice the word “bridge” is a logistical path).

When pondering this, I think about a military application. To fight successfully in a war, you need to supply your army with all the resources it needs. You need a supply chain, and a path for those resources to flow through to the frontline troops. If your supplies cross a bridge, you must defend that bridge so that the flow can continue uninterrupted.

If you’re supply line gets cut, your army is going to be in a world of hurt. The old saying is that an army fights on its stomach. They won’t last long and will eventually starve to death if they aren’t re-supplied.

I think this situation is close to what is going on in the mind of the SJ-type person. The want to be successful. They want their children to be successful. They want their army to be successful by having all the resources they need.

Since information is one type of resource, they will do anything to protect it. Why? Because it may be the one essential ingredient that the army needs to be successful.

“Traditions Capture Information.”


Obviously, we didn’t get to where we are today if our ancestors didn’t do something right in the past. If what they did worked back then, what is to say that doing the same thing won’t work today? Right?

In the mind of the SJ personality, it is safer to keep that old tradition around, because it just might contain a piece of information that will be needed in the future.

For the same reason, the SJ holds elders in high regard. They may contain a storehouse of wisdom (information) that can be used for a future need. Again, notice the word “storehouse” as it has to do with another part of the logistic chain.

How Does This Relate To Marketing?


Did you ever notice that a lot of marketing terms have to do with logistics? The person that came up with the phrases “Acquire customers,” “Sales Funnel,” and “Marketing Channel” must have been of the SJ personality temperament.

The sales funnel concept is a great example of how a logistical person might look at the process of sales.

The Sales Funnel Turns Prospects into Clients

It involves moving people from one place to another. They start as a prospect. These are then sifted with your marketing message until you discern the interested prospects. They are at the edge of the funnel. Once you get them to buy (the sales process), they are now a customer. The Customers are now fed down the funnel until they buy again, at which point they become a client.

In this model, marketing does become a logistic problem. How do you sift through the prospects to find the interested prospects? Then how do you move the interested prospects to a “paying customer?” Finally, what do you have to do to move a one-time customer to the end of the funnel and turn them into a repeat buyer (a client)?

It is now a process, which is what the SJ people are able to grasp. And for the most part, I think SJ people have this sense of process when dealing with marketing and sales.

Marketing Is A Logistics Problem That Needs A Solution

Anyway, that is my take on the SJ personality temperament as it relates to logistics. It makes a lot of sense to me, and leads to some interesting ways to market and sell to these type of people. I’ve created a new document that shows how to take the findings of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and use them in marketing and sales for not only the SJ type people, but the three others as well. It is called the Personality Marketing Manual.

This is something that will give you a step-by-step approach to your marketing. So get the ball rolling, and invest in this new (but proven) technology today.

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