Dancing or Dancing With The StarsDo you watch the television show Dancing With the Stars? The concept of the program is to take a famous person, and put them in a situation where they are out of their element, namely dancing. It is an interesting concept, because it gives us a bit of insight into our own dreams and desires.

We’d all like to be Superman, being good at multiple things, right? But can we be good at everything? I think you know the answer to that one. You only need to watch what happens on Dancing With The Stars to see for yourself. There is only one winner, and a whole lot of losers. And really, what happens to the winner? Do they start a new career as a dancer?

Now think about your business where you want to make money on the internet. Can you be all things to all people? What happens if you try? You know the answer to that one. You end up being useless to everyone.

The popular advice for people trying to make money on the internet is to get into a niche market. That is really sound advice, and it is biblical.

In the book of Acts, chapter 13, beginning with verse 46, we see Paul telling us that he is no longer the concentrating his time and effort on the Jewish people. There were a dozen other people servicing that market (the original disciples of Jesus), including a guy named Peter. So he announced that he his niche market was going to be the Gentiles.

That was a very smart move on Paul’s part. He would be much more effective from that point on.

But, that isn’t the cool part.

What is the Cool Part That Should Excite You?

Look at the response of his new customers. We see in verse 48 the response: “when the Gentiles heard this, they were glad.” Wow! Your clients in you niche market are waiting for you and are extremely happy to have you!

But why would they be so glad?

Because everyone wants to feel special. Everyone wants personal service. Everyone wants to be treated like they are they most important person in the world. And they are looking for someone to give them that attention.

You are commanded to be Fruitful. And there is a group of people, called your niche market that is eagerly awaiting your arrival into there life. In your niche market is the place where you are going to be most fruitful, and people are going to be most appreciative of your efforts.

Learning about how to be effective in your niche market is the next step in your development of making money on the internet. If you would like to take that next move, then I would recommend a unique program called Secrets of Sales Success. It is something you’ll never regret, and you family will love you for the extra money you’ll be bringing in.

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Today’s Question: What niche market is waiting for your arrival?

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21 Responses to “Make Money Online: Your Niche Market Awaits You”

  1. Hey time you certainly bring up some great points. Keep posting.
    Scott Sylvan Bell
    Now go implement!

  2. I like the way this translates into everyday life and shows us lessons we can apply to running our business and our lives.

    Steve Chambers
    Body Language Expert

  3. I agree with Steve.

  4. It’s all about relationships, I strongly agree with you Tim.

    David Escalante
    Bay Area Roofing San Francisco CA

  5. I first and foremost focus on the easiest niche group – myself! I find myself thinking, “I wish there was information out there about…”. So if I am thinking it, others probably are too. This may not work for everyone, but if you are personally invested in your niche, it gives your selling a weight that otherwise is hard to recreate.

    Fun and Free Activities

  6. Sonya Lenzo says:

    I agree with Michelle. I find it easy to sell, write about and promote things that Iam personally passionate about.
    Sonya Lenzo

  7. Dale Bell says:

    I do not believe we ever reach the full measure of our success in one are of life or business and if thats all we focused on we would not be well rounded. There is a time and a season to go out and do something new.

  8. I’ve only seen Dancing with the Stars a few times, but I’ve never seen anyone do a bad job in my opinion.

    Yes, a niche to specialize in is important. I don’t think I’ve chosen a very profitable one, but it is one that I am an expert in!!!

    Babysitting Services, Nanny Services, and Nanny agencies

  9. Rob Northrup says:

    Sometimes when we leave our comfort zone, we find things that we enjoy and are good at, other times not so much.

    But unless we try new things we never know.

    Seize the Day,

    Simple Family Survival Tips For Disasters and Emergencies

  10. I appreciated the reminder that we are all supposed to be “fruitful”.

    Yours In Health!

    Dr. Wendy

  11. Mark says:

    Beauty of identifying a niche is you can really get to know those people and serve them at a much more personal level than if you are trying to be all things to all people.

    Direct Selling Advice, Tips, Skills & Techniques

  12. Andy says:

    Hi Tim!

    Love the blog, brother! I’m looking forward to future posts! If you don’t mind, I’d love to link to you from my site at I’m Only Wood. Drop a line if it’s alright with you…

    Many blessings, my friend!

  13. I was always terrified to specialize or create niche thinking it would eliminate potential clients. The truth is it was the best thing I ever did.

    jen B
    The Harwood Group – Tinnitus, Chronic Illness, Fears, and Anxiety

  14. Mike Norris says:

    Amazing how you are relating everything to the Bible.


  15. Hi Tim,

    What an excellent point and I love how you pull the illustrating examples from the New Testament section of the Bible. Our niche awaits us with open arms and so glad to be seen, selected, and served by us, aren’t they? People really do want to be cared for and about.

    Thank you for these great reminders not to aim to be all things to all people. When those who we can best and most truly serve are waiting for us to notice them and court them.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

    Cyber Dating Expert and Online Dating Coach

  16. Great post! Good niches: what I love and what will allow me to help people achieve their deepest goals.

    Eileen O’Neill
    ESL, EFL, ESOL Lessons Using Social Media

  17. WHen I first started my personal training business I didn’t really focus on a niche. Now I only work with people who “get” my methods. I don’t know anyone else in the Seattle area who specializes in corrective exercise.

    Sabrina Peterson, NASM CPT,CES
    Fat Burning Home Workouts

  18. Thanks for getting this fresh in my mind.

    Law and Health with Robert Kaufer

  19. Amy says:

    Hi Tim!

    Love the blog, brother! I’m looking forward to future posts! If you don’t mind, I’d love to link to you from my site. Drop a line if it’s alright with you…

    Many blessings, my friend!

  20. Austin says:

    WOOHOO! Hey, I am a musician. Hm, Music-ian. IN MUSIC. Swimming in it. Yes I am, and while typing this was listening to “Love Will Tear Us Apart” – I adore this song, honestly. But, You need to know why – It’s all in the interpretation and in feeling lowly, humble. Much like the song “I’m Free Now” by Morphine.