In my January 26, 2011 blog, I wrote about targeting your customers by their personality traits. I alluded to the fact that customers with the same traits as you are drawn to websites that are written by people with similar traits. For example, if you are an ISTJ, like me, you probably are magnetically drawn to other web sites that are also done by people that are ISTJ’s (like this one). So if you want to advertise, you need to put your ads on those web sites where your customers are already visiting.

I wrote:

“This may require some work on your part. You’ll have to go visit the web sites that you are considering advertising on, and doing a classification on them as well. You need to confirm they are written by people of the personality type that you are targeting. If I wanted an SJ prospect, I should place marketing only on web sites that are written by an SJ personality. Right?”

I just found a web site that will help you classify other web sites and find out the type of people wrote them. The web site is free, and it is at:

It will do the work of classifying the personality type of the person that wrote the site. This is useful if you don’t know what clues to look for yourself. I wanted to know how accurate it is, so I typed in my own URL as a test. Sure enough, it classified me dead on! This web site is most likely written by someone with an ISTJ personality.

I’m not sure how the algorithm of the web site works, but I’m sure that the more text you have on your web site, the more accurate it is. Since this web site has massive amounts of content that I wrote myself, it is pretty accurate.

Where accuracy can be diminished is with content added by other contributors. If you have a lot of comments on your blog, or use articles written by other folks, I’m sure that it might be confusing to the typealyzer program.

This tells me that the technology already exists to start automatically predicting the personality type of people. Any large corporation, such as Google, which has an extensive database of tracking could do this pretty easily. They could probably classify your type simply by watching what web sites you visit, and which ones you hang around for long periods of time. That works, because you’ll go to what makes you comfortable, which are web sites that are written by people with a similar personality type.

As I said in the January 26 Blog, it would be to Google’s advantage to put the correct AdSense ads onto the page to match the person’s personality traits. Then the person would be more likely to click on the ad, and the web site owner and Google would be happier. Having Google do it with Adwords and AdSense is a legitimate use of this new technology.

But the next thing is for spammers to get a hold of this advertising methodology. They could then start sending you ads to your email that are specifically geared to your type.

I can see the FBI using this technology too. They could tap into Google’s database and find out the location (from the IP address) of people visiting certain sites. If they know the personality of a specific person that they are trying to catch, they could probably track him down by type matching him to specific web sites that he might visit. They could park a robot on the wire leading to the ISP of that IP address, and it shouldn’t take them too long to narrow in on where the criminal is.

This process of tracking you based on your personality type could be good, or it could be scary, depending on who has access to this information.

It’s gonna happen folks. The genie is already out of the bottle.

If you want to learn how to use personality types to make your own highly effective ads (the bait that attracts a specific personality type), you may wish to check out my new program called “Personality Marketing Manual.” It is on my new site:

You can’t imagine how much more effective your marketing will be, because you’ll know what is going through the mind of your prospect, and you’ll know how he wants to be rewarded. How much would you pay to know what is going on in their mind? I think the information is priceless!

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