Getting the prospect to say “yes, I’ll buy” is the final objective. But how do you get there? What I call “Personality Marketing” techniques is the way to get it done faster.

The other day, I came across a big mumbo-jumbo phrase called: Psychographics. It is another technique to find out what customers are like, so you can tailor your marketing to reach them and get them to “yes” faster.

As I was reading about it, I found that Psychographic Marketing is all backwards. It is upside down. According to Wikipedia, it involves breaking down your market into segments, based on what are called the psychographic variables. These variables are attributes related to personality, values, attitudes, interests, or lifestyles.

Did you see that word, “personality” in there? That is important, because I think it is one of the most important marketing variables there is. Why? Because the scientific evidence shows that if you know the customer’s personality, all the other information used in psychographic market just falls into place.

In this series of articles, we’ve been discussing personality traits and how they affect customer behavior. I believe that if you start with the personality of a prospect, you already have most of the other information about them, such as their values, attitudes, fears, desires, and in general, what makes them tick. With this information, you can craft marketing copy that is specifically targeted to push their hot-buttons.

It this too good to be true? Can you really know what a person is thinks so that you can push their buttons and get them to buy. As we’ve been talking about in this series, the answer is that the probability of hitting the prospects hot buttons is well over 50%, and while it may not be 100%, I think you can get close.

More Personality Characteristics of the “SP” Person

Picking up where we left off in the last article, we were discussing a few of the characteristics of the person with the Sensation-Perceiving personality traits. And if you review that piece, you’ll see that they are impulsive, and generous.

Another trait that the SP people have in common is they love to be excited. Not excited by what they’ve accomplished, but by outside events and what others might have done. Let me give you an example.

Last night I was watching one of the cable-TV shopping channels, and I quickly realized that the two salespeople they had on were both of the SP variety. You could sense the excitement that each person got as they bantered back and forth, talking about some crystal candlestick-holders. It was the typical shopping-channel show, where one host would point out how you could display your new candle-holder, and the other host would go Ooh, and Ahh, and get all giddy. It was the giddy excitement that clued me in on their SP personality blend. Only the SP can be that giddy for that long of a time period.

Excitement sells the SP personality. It is one of their many hot-buttons. If you push it, your have a great opportunity to make the sale. That is why the cable shopping channel has hosts with the SP personality, because they generate a lot of excitement. Watch them some time, and you’ll see why they are masters at persuasion (or the master con-artist; depending on your perspective).

The SJ Personality Blend

The next letter-combination I want to look at is SJ. The “S”, as we said before, sands for “sensation.” This means, these people are also comfortable working with facts. The “J” stands for “judging.” This doesn’t mean they are judgmental. As we said before, this trait has to do with making decisions. The judging type person likes to come to a definite conclusion to whatever situation they are in. They hate the cliff-hanger in a movie. They want to know how it ends.

When the S and the J traits are mixed together, they make a unique blend that is also easy to recognize. These people are the “builders of society.” One quality that makes them easier to identify is that they are “planners.”

Where the people we discussed before (the SP’s) are impulsive, the SJ’s are the opposite of that. They plan things in advance.

Does this sound comfortable to you? In other words, does it describe “YOU?”

It should. YOU are a planner yourself, because you have the SJ letter combination in your own personality profile.

How do I know that? Because I’m specifically writing this entire series of articles for people with the SJ personality profile. If you have gotten this far and have read all the articles I’ve previously written about this subject, the odds are high that you are a person with the SJ personality characteristics. I’ve written the article in such a way as to weed out all the other personality types.

The Other Personality Types Have Fled The Building

The SP’s who are impulsive, can’t tolerate the long text of this article. They left the room a long time ago. The NT’s, which we’ll talk about later (behind their back, because they probably left too) are skeptical of everything new. Skepticism is the trait they share in common. But I’ll admit that just a few of them might be reading this, because they have a really high level of “curiosity.” They want to know if this is real or not. Finally, the NF’s are all about feelings and emotions. We’ve talked nothing about emotional bonding, so — if they ever started reading this article, they felt ignored and they disconnected too.

You and I are both SJ’s. Everyone else has gone to some other web site, so now we can finally talk on a face-to-face level without offending all the other personality types.

(By the way, if you don’t know your personality type, go take the free test. It will prove that I’m right in that you have the letters S and J in your “type.”

I want to prove to you that marketing based on personality works. Therefore, let me tell you what I know about “you” … Are you interested?

Let’s Describe You!

  1. You like procedures and step-by-step instructions.
  2. You like regulations that keep society humming along. You’re a law-abiding citizen, and you can’t understand why everyone else isn’t. Because it is easy for you, so it should be easy for everyone else too. Right?
  3. You believe in absolutes: there is “good,” and there is “evil.” You think that when people see “gray,” they are not seeing the slippery-slope of where gray leads to.
  4. You see your task in life as to make sure that evil is eliminated from your sphere of influence. You don’t tolerate bad people in your home or your office.
  5. You like “order.” There is a place for everything, and everything has its place.
  6. Your kids are a perpetuation of your family heritage. You want them to carry on the traditions that made your family so successful.
  7. When you hear the marketing concept of a “squeeze page”, which is only set up to force you to give up your name and email address, you feel manipulated.

Does this all sound familiar?

By the way, I’m not reading your mind. I’m not that gifted.

I know what is going on in your mind, because I know your personality type. How’s that? Because psychologists have been studying personality types for decades, and they’ve cataloged all the similarities. I’m just taking what they’ve learned and applying it in a practical way.

With the research in front of me, I know what your hot-buttons are. I pushed them early on in this series of articles so that you would continue reading to this point.

What’s next?

Fear not. I’m not here to manipulate you. Even thought having this information is scary stuff, especially in the hands of a con-artist, my intent is not to brain wash you to opening your wallet and getting you to send me all your money.

My point of this series of articles is to show you how powerful this system of marketing to the personality traits of people really is. It works, because it is based on what psychologists have known and have been cataloging for decades. But psychologists are usually of the NF personality, so you probably haven’t rubbed elbows with them to get to know what they know. It took an SJ personality trait person, to present the information in a way that another SJ person (you) could see and touch.

Now that you’ve experienced being on the receiving-end of mind-reading, and getting many of your hot-buttons pushed, would you like to learn how to do this too? That way, you can take this information and use it to create targeted sales messages that will grow your sales.

And I am interested in what you think of this. Let me know what you think by writing me a comment below. I tried to write this in a way to prove the point that you could know what is going on in the head of our targeted customer. I believe that when you use the information, your web site and any other sales presentations you put together will be so targeted, that your prospects will feel very comfortable buying from you. In other words, you’ll build trust quickly, and that means more sales conversions.

Send Me Your Money…

Just kidding. But it is my plan to compile all the information I have on marketing to the different personality types, and create a cheat-sheet. If this is something you’d be interested in, please drop me a note. When I get closer to having it all put together, I’d like some reviewers of the material so I can get some testimonials to use on my web site.

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  1. steph says:

    That is so funny how you were able to weed out the other traits, I had worked byself out to be SJ. My interest in your website is to improve my sales as it is all new to me.