Public speaking fear is something you need to overcome if you want to create wealth. Being able to get up in front of people persuade them to your way of thinking is one of the quickest ways to make money. I suspect that if you’re a salesman, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

The Delta II rocket was used to launch the GPS satellitesI can remember my first job out of college in which I had to do public speaking. I was working as a junior engineer at Cape Canaveral, in charge of one of the check-out facilities on the Delta II rocket (it is the big one that puts all those GPS satellites in earth orbit). Part of my job was to conduct the morning briefing for the crew of about 20 other engineers and technicians. These were “steely-eyed missile men” that had more rocketry knowledge in the tip of their little finger, than I had in my entire body. The grizzly old technicians looked at me as fresh meat, and they couldn’t wait to chew into me. I remember not being able to sleep at night, knowing that I had to face those guys in the morning. The first few meetings that I led were brutal.

I hope I’m not feeding any public speaking fear you may have. But it soon became apparent to me that they didn’t have any real power over my job status. They could take a few cheap shots, but my job security was in being good at my other duties. And I really did love what I did. I was able to be part of a team that brought good things into the lives of a lot of people. You’re probably glad your GPS devices are working because of the constellation of satellites that are orbiting right now.

If you really love what you do, it comes out when you talk. You just can’t keep enthusiasm bottled up, can you? Even when your nervous, it will come across that you are competent in your skills.

Did you know that the bible also talks about speaking? And it is very encouraging too. Check this out:

From the fruit of his lips a man is filled with good things
as surely as the work of his hands rewards him.
Proverbs 12:14 (NIV)

Did you get that? “The fruit of his lips” is a reference to persuasive speaking. It is one of those things that the bible talks about that brings about good things, like creating wealth. You know if the bible talks about it, then it must be pretty blasted important.

You too can get up in front of an audience without public speaking fearPublic speakers are among the highest paid people in the country. You may not be headed for that career, but by getting better at public speaking and persuading others, you’ll double your income. It is that important.

I can tell you from experience that your first time in front of an audience it can be pretty scary. But there is a way to blast through that public speaking fear. You don’t have to go through the jeers that I went through. The solution is getting a good, compassionate coach. I can think of none better than Dr. Kevin Hogan.

Dr. Hogan runs an intensive clinic to help people that want to be better public speakers, and it is coming up soon. Not only is Dr. Hogan a high-demand speaker (with a lot of industry contacts), he is also a licensed hypnotist. He can help you get through public speaking fear like no one else can.

Here’s your chance. You’ve always wanted it. You’ve always dreamed it. Whether you are 25 or 75…don’t die with your music still in you…this is the opportunity of your lifetime! I want to see you succeed, and I know that God does too. If he is talking to your heart right now, then follow his leading and get more information on this teaching course.

Question of Today: What words of encouragement would you give to a person that has a public speaking fear?

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Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 Biblica. Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved.

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14 Responses to “Public Speaking Fear And Creating Wealth”

  1. Tim it’s good to see that you have got over your fears of speaking in public. Now it’s time to find a new fear to demolish.
    Scott Sylvan Bell
    Now go implement!

  2. Picture the audience naked? I never understood that suggestion, because if the audience really was naked, I think I would be even more terrified!

    I think you said it in your pos – if you are interested in what you are talking about, it comes through. When I defended my honor’s thesis in college, I had to present in front of a group of PhD holding professors. I was terrified. But I was passionate about my topic, and presented it in an engaging way, and it ended up going extremely well. I actually wanted to continue the defense, because I was excited about my topic and the response!

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  3. Mark says:

    When I taught public speaking in college. I would encourage my students with some basic advice:
    1. Know your audience. What do they already know? What are they missing? What are they expecting? What terms do they know or not know?
    2. What is the purpose of your speaking engagement? Are you wanting to inform, entertain, persuade…?
    3. Prepare & know your topic well enough that you have more confidence in your subject matter than you do your speaking skills.
    4. Respect your host’s and audiences’ time… depending on your time allotment and your purpose… a good rule of thumb is shorter is better.
    5. Respect your audiences curiousity… give more than expected… leave them wanting more.
    6. Use humor not jokes… only if you are comfortable with it.
    7. It’s ok to have butterflies in your stomach, just have them fly in formation.
    8. Relax your posture and voice (there were exercises I gave the students)
    9. Realize if you make a mistake, its ok, move on.
    10. Work at talking with your audience instead of talking to your audience. They are each individuals with a purpose for listening to you. You have value.
    11. Talk with the captivated… you will notice faces smiling, nodding, or engaging body language… make eye contact with them.
    12. Be genuine.

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  4. Rob Northrup says:

    I would like to second your recommendation of Kevin Hogan’s Speaker course. I have taken it and it changed the way I think about public speaking. During the course, Kevin takes you through many exercises in which you learn how to craft powerful stories designed to persuade based on your own experiences. You will never tell a boring or worn-out story again…

    I encourage anyone on the fence to SIGN UP for the speaker course.


  5. I’ve had to do a lot of public speaking (heck, I used to be a radio personality) and one of the things that helped me the most
    was to admit up front that I was nervous. Trying to hide it only makes it worse. The audience wants you to succeed because they don’t want to waste their time either.

    Kevin Hogan’s Speaker Course looks really good & I’ve seen a couple of his students go on to huge success: Al Duncan and Tonya Reiman. They are both outstandign, so they must’ve had a great mentor!

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  6. Dale Bell says:

    I am looking forward to the speaking course. Knowing your material is so important on how at ease you can be when in front of groups. I stll remember on of the first formal office meetings that I had and how my voice and knees shook and I talked to everyone every day but not in a meeting sense.

  7. If you are passionate about something it’s hard for your audience not to feel it.

    I know someone who has a lot of anxiety but is a great public speaker. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

    Sabrina Peterson, NASM CPT,CES
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  8. Shane Kester says:

    Wow Rocket Man, you played with the big boy toys! I think I’ll look into the public speaking course you mentioned. It looks like it would be very interesting. I must say that I’ve never really had the public speaking jitter too bad before. I keep hearing how public speaking always ranks higher than death and it always amazes me. I guess if I wasn’t prepared it would be pretty stressful. Maybe I should imagine me naked in front of the audience so I know what would make me want to die rather than speak in public.

    Shane Kester
    Change Your Thoughts and Improve Your Life

  9. Sonya Lenzo says:

    My father was a minister and he always spoke so effortlessly that I thought it came naturaly to him. Once he told the story of being at camp when he was just 15. He was sitting in the front row, and he says he was very shy and tongued tied at the time. Unbeknownst to him, there was a minister in the back row with the same name, and as the evening service came to a close it was announced, and now “Roger Carlson will close with prayer”. My father, a terrified Roger Carlson, keep whispering, “NO,NO”, while the more dignified Rev. Roger Carlson sauntered up from the back. The moral is that even the most self assured don’t start out that way! And yes Kevin’s class is great, I have taken it!
    Sonya Lenzo

  10. David says:

    I would tell them go for it.

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  11. Hi Tim,

    Oh my goodness, is that YOU in the photograph? That is simply darling!

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

    Single Boomer Dating Expert

  12. In any career, profession or endeavor public speaking will help set you apart from the crowd and place you in the top of your field. I used to hate and avoid speaking in public and have now learned to love it.

    Steve Chambers
    Body Language Expert

  13. I was taught public speaking at an early age so I’m not afraid to do it, but I certainly don’t enjoy it. I would never choose it as a profession. I admire people who do it and do it well!

    Lisa McLellan
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  14. I’d say “Let me hypnotize you!” We could desensitize the person to the fear to the point where they are bored with the topic…you can’t be bored and anxious at the same time.

    Jen B
    The Harwood Group – Tinnitus, Chronic Illness, Fears, and Anxiety